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Buy Nutrimetics – Min of 20% Off when you Join which costs only $10.00 Learn to Do Your Own Great Masquerade Make up. You’ll Get a Free Gift of Nutri-rich Oil & as you purchase more the Gifts keeping coming.

The benefits are jaw dropping in real value $$$ terms. The money you could have spent on a makeup artist will really stretch & deliver lots of goodies.

It’s so easy to write this article & recommend that you get a make-up artist – hope all goes well. However, if you were my daughter I would say…. Buy Nutrimetics, join, learn, do your own makeup. Enjoy the quality products at great prices & pamper yourself – every single day.

Several times I’ve personally been left underwhelmed by the results of a “professional”.  The colors may be too severe, make me look like someone I am not or not be appropriate for the event. In the worst cases, it’s just too heavy making the lady look like a transvestite.

Then of course there is the cost $$$ and the opportunity for something to go wrong. Bridesmaid touching up what the pro’s got wrong while the photographer waits impatiently is my idea of stress.

I did my own makeup, quickly, without grief for both my weddings and felt beautiful and confident. I’m not a genius, I had the skills which I acquired at 17 courtesy of Nutrimetics.

Nutrimetics Today Better Than Ever!!!

Please understand – this is the best offer I have ever come across. For just $10.00 you can become a Nutrimetics Consultant. There is no obligation to do parties or attend meetings, however both are lots of fun.

Your Welcome Gift is a Free Nutri Rich Oil which has over 30 uses including Rich Moisture Treatment, Eye Cream, Sunburn Soother, Chapped Lips, Foot Cream. Then you also get 20% minimum Off your purchases… more if you are a “go getter”

The Sweetener is that you can attend, if you wish, meetings where you will learn all you need to know about skin care and make up application.

Skincare – Beauty that needs not Coverage

Problem skin can never fully be covered by makeup. The current trend of heavy mineral powders can be drying and the pores appear very large when heavy make up is used.

No doubt, Great Skin is always better than heavy Makeup.

I urge you to find quality skincare that does not have harmful ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients are accumulative carcinogens – best avoided.  Do your research & read some articles.

I love using Nutrimetics, Janesce & Skyezone because they are a joy to use, botanical wholesome skincare than offer great results.

I was born before sun screen was invented, lived on a farm & refused to wear a hat. My Grand Mother & daughter are red heads and I am covered in freckles.

My favorite thing in the world, apart from Masquerade Masks, is fishing, gardening & watering koalas during a heat wave – true story!

OK you can laugh but it is the recipe for skin cancer.  No doubt you don’t need to be a mathematician to know I am very high risk for skin cancer. I refuse to increase the risk with dodgy skincare.

Masquerade Make Up

Masquerade Make Up

Masquerade Make Up

If you get the skin right, then the makeup’s a breeze. Even teenage skin, subject to breakouts, can be solved with skincare and a course of Chlorophyll

I know from personal experience the pimples disappear when a Chlorophyll supplement is used.

See your Nutrimetic consultant, join and learn, save money & use luxurious, effective products ever day of your life.

You know what you want, be inspired, make it happen.

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