Masquerade Mask Selection

Men’s Masquerade Masks

Our entire range of masks will impress you with the quality, fit and comfort. When we say “Venetian Mask” we actually mean Made in Venice Italy…..that’s what Venetian means! I source out the masks personally to ensure that they are the best range available.

All masks are secured with ribbon ties because this is the only way to achieve a good fit – peoples head size varies dramatically from person to person.

If you feel that you would like assistance, please just call me. I would be delighted to assist with personal service Ph: 0412 658 696

Choosing a Colour

  • Silver Masks look great on men with fair skin, light coloured hair.
  • Gold Masks look great on men with tanned, olive or dark skin.
  • Black Masks are ideal for those with a dark complexion or very dark hair.

Choosing a Shape

  • Traditional Eye Masks suit everyone except those few with a very large head.
  • Zane Profile Masks are ideal for men with a large head or stocky build
  • However, can be worn by anyone.
  • Phantom Masks are best on those with a regular to narrow jawline.
  • Jester Masks with Bells are best on those who want to be the “life of the party”.

Ladies Masquerade Masks

We offer so many different masks shapes & colours that the selection cannot easily be condensed into a simple guide.

Ideally, you need a mask that is flattering with your choice of gown. You can text me a photo of your dress and we can give you specialised service from Tonia who has 22 years’ experience in the Masquerade Masks.

We can ensure that you have an elegant comfortable fitting masquerade mask that matches your dress perfectly.

We understand that your mask event may be as important as a Wedding or indeed actually be a Masquerade Wedding….and we love exceeding your highest expectations. We have participated in Masquerade Balls, Special Masked Birthdays, Hen’s Nights & Masquerade Charity Events. We can offer a donation towards your cause or a discount for your guests.

We Are Here to Help!   Ph: 0412 658 696