Casanova’s Lady – Slight Imperfection Discount mask

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Full Face Mask Ideal for Home Décor
Will Suit Any Décor Style
Can Be Worn for Dramatic Effect
Hand Decorated
Music Detail to Forehead
Venetian Mask Made in Venice
This Mask is the Size of a Human Face


Gorgeous Mask – has a very slight imperfection that You will Not Notice on wall.

Save $60.00

This Beautiful Full Face Mask comes to you from Venice Italy. It is ideal as a Decorator Piece and can be worn for a short time, although the enclosed shape can be prolonged use uncomfortable. Hand Painted & Decorated with relief scrolls and music paper decoupage to the forehead. Face Masks can be used with great impact as a Home Décor feature….what better than a collection of Face Masks on the Wall of the Dining Room or a pair above the Bed.


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