Classic Men’s Black Masquerade Mask – slight imperfection


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Men’s Black Masquerade Mask Discount – Slight Imperfection

  • Handsome Black Gun Metal color
  • Made in Venice Italy
  • Regular to Large Fit
  • Comfortable Mask that contours the face well
  • Ribbon Ties
  • Free Post

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Small Imperfection – Save $10.00

Save some money on this Men’s Black Masquerade Mask Discount for very little imperfection. Who will see it in the dim light of the party any way. Very small imperfection on this mask will pay off.

Our favorite Men’s black masquerade mask which is like the mask that Christian Grey wore in 50 Shades of Grey movie.

This one’s made in Venice Italy and tied on with black ribbons so that the fit will be good.

Very dark metallic black color which is favored over plain old black, however still looks great with a black suit.

Anna’s 50 Shades mask also on offer at Mask Shop Australia as well as the set for couples50 Shades Set of Masks.

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