Fleur de Lys Red Masquerade – Italian Mask

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Excellent Quality Mask for Masquerade

Genuine Ruby Red Swarovski Crystals
Matching Red Glitter
Made in Italy
Flattering, Comfortable Fit on any Face
Secured to Face with Ribbon

As this is the genuine Italian Made Fleur de Lys Venetian Mask it is Excellent Quality, Lightweight, Comfortable with real Swarovski Crystals.


Make Way – Woman in Red Coming Thru!

A truly beautiful Venetian Mask with generous diamond cut Swarovski Crystals embellishment. The crystals really do sparkle like diamonds to accentuate the eyes.

This mask is made in the finest quality black filigree metal lace which is the ultimate in modern masquerade Mask fashion trends.

A Fleur de Lys emblem decorates the fore head of the mask.

This mask is secured with ribbon ties and is very light weight.

Made in Venice Italy for excellent quality and comfort.


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