Bella Pair of Masks – Post Included


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Pair of Masks for Couples

His Mask – Made in Italy, Metallic Black

Her Mask – Made in China, Swarovski Crystals


The Perfect Pair of Masks

Our most popular pair of masks bundled up into a handsome twosome.  Both masks suit most faces very well and are flattering. Secured with Black Ribbon Ties to give a firm fit.

Her Mask

A popular and pretty mask, made from Black Filigree metal and decorated with Swarovski Crystals. A good quality mask that is Made in China,

His Mask

Made in Venice Italy and finished in a Metallic Black color to suit most men’s taste. A popular mask which fits well on most mens faces. Very large men (like Rugby player build) should select a “Zane” mask.




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