Plague Doctor Mask – Steampunk, Cosplay, Vintage, Medieval


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Doctor from the Dark Ages – Hat Not Included

  • Faux Leather Steampunk Plague Doctor Bird Beak Mask. Vintage Medieval Costume, many uses, Halloween, Cosplay, LARP, Fancy Dress.
  • Tinted lens or clear, just unwind the goggles.
  • Secured with adjustable belt that goes over and around head. Hat not included

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Great Detail on Doctor of the Pestilence Mask

A Plague Doctor Mask in faux brown leather with lots of steampunk detail so that it is one of the most impressive Doctor of the Pestilence Masks around. A sinister vintage medieval costume mask that has it’s origins in Venetian history, not fiction. Suitable for Cosplay, LARP or Fancy Dress.

Copper beak and goggles that can have the lenses removed or swapped for clear glass add to the Steampunk style. It’s a simple matter to unscrew the goggle and select either the tinted or clear glass.

Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor

Pestilence Bird Mask is secured with brass clips that go both around the head and above to create a personalized fit so that the mask is secure.

Doctor of the Pestilence Mask does not come with a hat and in fact the hat is optional, generally available from a discount store. A long coat will easily complete the character.

Historically Speaking

Bird Beak Mask was used by the Doctor during the plague. It was believed that the sharp beak and mask would frighten away the evil that caused the illness. In Venice, it was common place for the Doctor to fill the beak with sweet smelling herbs that disguised the stench of the dying. A happy coincidence was that herbs like lavender have naturally antibiotic properties.

We have other cool Scaramouche and Cyrano Mask & Fancy Dress Masks that like this piece have a long nose.



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