Steampunk Phantom Silver – Generous Fit


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Silver Phantom Mask

Silver Antique Finish

Generous Fit

Suitable for Most Men

Secured with Ribbon Ties

Made in China, Good Quality


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Lots of gadgets and gizmo’s on this awesome Steampunk Phantom Mask so that it looks industrial. Due to the antique silver finish, the detail is shown to perfection. One eye is exposed, one is covered which gives the mask a Steam flavored twist.

This mask is still light considering there is so much decoration. It is secured with ribbon ties so that it fits well.

A Unisex Steampunk Phantom Mask with proportions certainly suitable for both Men or Women.

This mask is made in China and is a larger fit than the traditional Italian made Phantoms. It really could be worn by most men except those with exceptionally large nose.

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