Vivaldi Eyes Gold Mask – Italian Made – Slight Defect


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Mens Comfortable Masquerade Mask
Genuine Venetian Mask Made in Italy
Elegant Hand Painted Artwork
Antique Gold Leaf Decoration
Music Paper Inserts
Comfortable Fit
Secured to Face with Ribbon Ties
Beautiful Crackle Finish


Discounted – crack in paint.

Mask is not weakened. 

Vivaldi is decorated with some of the most elaborate artwork ever to grace a mans mask.

The Mask is hand painted and has a crackle effect which is typical of a genuine Venetian Mask. Hand painted scrolls in black and white and 3D raised artwork further enhance the look. Then Gold Leaf is applied which has an antique finish that gives it that authentic aged look.

There is a fragment of music paper set into the mask which is a traditional feature of Venetian Masks.

Secured with ribbon ties for a good fit.

This mask is great on all but the very largest of men who are better suited to the “Zane” profile from Mask Shop.



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