Insignia Masks Wholesale Masquerade Masks & Murano Jewelry

Insignia Masks Wholesale Venetian Masks
Making Insignia Masks in Venice Italy

Retailers and Charities can source Insignia Masks Wholesale range via Mask Shop Australia. Our Masquerade Masks come from Venice Italy, as they are made for the Carnival of Venice.

We’ve done all the hard work. The very best Venetian Masquerade Masks have been selected and groomed for the Aussie market.

Insignia is the wholesale arm of Mask Shop Australia with over 25 years of experience. We were a popular sight at Gift Fairs for years but no longer do them.

Australia’s most diverse range of Italian made Venetian Masks is sure to impress. Sourced from various artists in Venice so that there is a broad range.

All Masquerade Masks, made to our design and are exclusive to Insignia Masks and our retailers.

Modern metal filigree lace, Swarovski Crystals, hand painted eye masks and Italian character masks enrich the selection.

Bulk Masquerade Masks at Wholesale prices suit anyone that needs to buy more than 20 pieces.

Murano Glass Jewelry

Wholesale Murano Glass Jewelry
Hand Made Murano Glass Beads

Our exquisite range of Murano Glass Jewelry made in one of Venice’s main islands is offered at wholesale prices. Each piece of wholesale Murano Jewelry has a Certificate of Authenticity. Pieces over $18.00 come in an elegant Gift Box.

The Insignia Murano Glass Jewelry range has the best Murano pedigree available. That means the glass canes are made in Murano, the beads and the piece is assembled there so that it is all Italian made.

I believe you will find the prices favorable as we source from family boutique business’s rather than pretentious large ones.

Keep it easy for retailers

There is no minimum purchase for shops who want to buy wholesale masquerade masks. However we need to establish that the masks are for a retail outlet or charity so that we can offer wholesale prices.

We do not offer Steampunk Masks at wholesale prices as Insignia Masks do not import them direct. However all Italian Venetian Masks and Murano Glass Jewelry is available at wholesale prices.

Insignia Masks began importing from Venice Italy in 1993 and has been supplying Australia Mask Retailers ever since.

Wholesale prices are not displayed on the Mask Shop website. Antoinette will be happy to explain the pricing which is standard in the industry and very easy to calculate.

We carry lot’s of masks in stock so that you will get your order fast. We can supply over 200 pieces of assorted colors and styles at just a few days notice.

Wholesale Murano Jewelry and Masks will attract a small post charge.

Masquerade Masks from Venice and colorful Murano Jewelry adds a wonderful feel to any shop. People will stop and admire a window with these colorful cultural treasures so that you should enjoy more customers.

With no minimum spend, fast service and superior product there is nothing to stop you from adding these wonderful pieces to your shop today. Call Antoinette today 0412 658 696

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