Healing Soul Essential Oil Blends

Some home remedies really should be shared.  After suffering for 14 months with a frozen shoulder, acupuncture, chiro and resisting cortisone injections I came upon Healing Soul SMH Essential Oil remedy by accident.

SMH “Soothe, Manage, Heal” originally was made up to give my partner some relief from his problematic back. I added everything I had that could help – anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, circulation, healing and most important pain relief.

His back will never get better but a good massage with the right oils makes life good again, eases his pain and get’s him mobile.

I used the excess oil on my hand by wiping it over my hard core, persistent shoulder. I never expected anything to work on my shoulder. Amazing, the next morning my first thought was “What, No Pain?”  This has changed my life. (Not just because the shoulder issue has healed) but because this needs to be available to others.

I still can’t believe that after all that treatment and pain, I got relief and great sleep with one half hearted slap on application.

After using it morning and night on the area and on my neck the shoulder has fully recovered after 4 weeks. I started to forget to apply the oils after 10 days because was good most of the time.

My daughter suggested we call this range Healing Soul, “cos that’s what you are mum”.  One of my mates said, “yep that’s what you do. You take broken things and fix them”.  Well, Yes I do try.

At my age the last thing I need is a new business, but I want to do this and will donate 1/2 profits to the RSPCA.

My family and I wish you good health & healing. If there are any ingredients that you are allergic to, I can easily make up a batch to suit your requirements. (No extra charge, happy to help).

Please consult your medical practitioners. Do not expose animals or children to the blends and do not swallow. May contain nuts. Please try a spot first to ensure you don’t react.

These formulations are potent, selected to deliver results, blended with love and spiritual intent that they should be effective in delivering results.

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