Add Stick to Mask – Gold, Silver, Black

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Add Stick to Mask

  • Stick Color to Match Perfectly
  • Made in Venice – added here in Australia
  • Wooden with Gold, Silver or Black Paint
  • Black Stick with Cream or Black Braid Available
  • Fitted to the Mask of your choice by Mask Shop


Add Handle to Mask of your Choice

Are you looking to add stick to masquerade mask by selecting this option.

Pictured here, our Italian made Gold handle added to Antonio Men’s Mask in Gold. We professionally secure the matching stick to the mask of your choice.

Ideal for any one who must wear glasses as this converts the mask to a hand held mask.

Sticks come in Gold, Silver or Black.

To buy masquerade masks best suited to this option, please select either metal filigree or solid. Please call to discuss options so that we can recommend those most suited. Alternatively, order and we will call if there are any problems. Mask Shop Helpline 0412 658 696

Here is all the masks that look great with the added stick which we suggest are best suited to this option for those who wear glasses.

If you are looking to add a stick to filigree mask which are the black lace ladies masks then we can do that also. It’s a bit more difficult but we do a great job either way.

2 reviews for Add Stick to Mask – Gold, Silver, Black

    October 21, 2017
    Great mask for my husband to go to a masked charity ball. Antoinette was a great help in making this selection. She affixed it to a stick so he could hold it over his glasses. Fantastic!
    October 18, 2017
    It is a delight to use because it is so light and easy to handle. What made it even more perfect was how thoughtfully you helped me to make my selection and how quickly it arrived!
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