Blue Couples Masquerade Masks – Italian Luxury

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Our most beautiful Blue Couples Masquerade Masks all paired up to save you money.  These are top shelf luxurious Italian made Venetian Masks guaranteed to impress all who see them.


Luxurious Couples Masquerade in Blue

A stunning combo of our favorite pair of Blue Couples Masks. The most wonderful blue masks available bundled into a set which will save you money.

Impress everyone with these genuine Italian Made Venetian Masks as the quality will be easy to see.

There is a nice bronze sheen on the Man’s Mask which has an antique effect applied over Gold Leaf. Decorated in traditional style with fragments of pictures of the old city of Venice worked into the decoration.

Her Mask features fancy blue Swarovski Crystals that flash violet and rust. The mask itself is a favorite as the Italian styling is very flattering to wear. It is simply the most beautiful mask.

Both masks in this Blue Couples Mask set are secured with black ribbon ties which will give a good fit.

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