Couples Masks Black Metal – Free Post


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Couples Masquerade Masks

His Mask
Masculine & Handsome
Light weight & Comfortable
Suits Most Faces Very Well
Her Mask
Very Flattering
Light weight Black Metal
Swarovski Crystal Embellishment
Comfortable Fit on all Faces

Both Couples Masks – Black Filigree Metal, are a quality Chinese copies of  Venetian Masks


Couples Masks in Modern Lightweight Filigree Metal

An awesome set of Couples Masks black, elegant, sophisticated and sure to impress so that you’ll feel good wearing them.

The Male mask is a strong masculine piece with styling and proportions to suit the most dignified man.

The ladies mask is flattering and super light weight, embellished with clear Swarovski Crystals.


Both Ladies and Men’s masks are a good quality copy of a genuine Venetian Mask.

Both masks are secured to the face with black ribbon ties which will give a perfect fit.

You will appreciate the benefits of a fine metal mask. They are the most comfortable Masquerade Masks available as they are light.

A stick can be added to either mask for $15.90 so that people with glasses can enjoy masquerade.


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