Eclipse Black Phantom Mask – Italian Made, Narrow fit


Stunning Italian made Black Phantom Mask

  • Black Venetian Phantom finished in Metallic Black
  • Made in Venice Italy
  • Secured with black ribbon ties
  • Narrow fit, ideal for thin to regular face.
  • Perfect for anyone to wear
  • Sinister Mask good for Masquerade or Halloween


Master of Intrigue

Our Eclipse Phantom is not quite black, its metallic black.  A subtle black finish like a very dark charcoal that is favored in Italy as a superior option to black.

The Venetian Phantom Mask itself was designed by us, so that it is alluring and elegant. It’s a narrow fit, ideal for a person with a narrow face. Secured by black ribbons that tie at the back.

This piece can be partnered with Black/Silver Lily or Black/Gold Lily or if you are a large man we offer this piece is a standard Men’s classic mask profile or the large mans mask.

A fabulous looking mask that can be worn by anyone at masquerade or even Halloween.

Made in Italy to a high standard, this mask includes Free Registered Post from Mask Shop.

Looking for more Italian made Phantom Masks.


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