Lime Earrings Murano Glass

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Lime Earrings

Murano Glass Earrings

Made in Italy

Gold Leaf trapped within glass

Stud around 9mm to 10mm wide


Murano Glass Lime Earrings – Made in Italy

Murano Glass Lime Earrings have a watery effect as the glass is trapped beneath a layer of clear glass.

A metallic sheen accents the colour of green because the glass has been applied over Gold Leaf.

These are comfortable stud earrings that will team up well with chartreus green.

The pattern is random and each pair of Earrings is unique. Murano Glass Earrings, made on the island of Murano in Italy. Comes Gift Boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

These Earrings are approximately 9 – 10 mm square.


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