Purple Masquerade Mask – Iris Mucha – Hand Painted


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Purple Masquerade Mask – Hand Painted

Ladies Wearable Mask or Collectors Piece
Handmade Paper Mache Mask
Mucha Inspired Artwork
Fragments of Music Paper Decoupage
Gold Leaf Embellishment
Large Fit

A Stick Can Be Added to this Mask $15.90


Purple Masquerade Mask – Mucha Inspired, Hand Painted

Our best Purple Masquerade Mask is a piece of art in the style of Alphonse Mucha. No doubt, you recognize his work. A beautiful feminine face in the romantic style.

Many years ago, Venetians would decorate traditional paper mache masks however, as this is time consuming most artisans no longer use paper mache masks.

Parisienne Iris is made from Paper Mache, completely hand made. Then it is hand painted by one of the most skilled artists in Venice.

This mask can be worn, as it has ribbons to secure it to the face. It is also often used as a collectible as paper mache masks are almost impossible to find.

This mask can be worn to a Masquerade Ball and then used as a decorator piece afterwards. Its generous proportions are best suited to a regular to large face.

A stick can be added to this mask for $15.90

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