Queen of Hearts Masquerade Mask – Italian


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Off with their Heads!

Hand painted Venetian Mask, made in Venice Italy.

Mask for Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland Party
Delicate hand painted traditional artwork on a comfortable modern masquerade mask.
Secured with ribbons.


The Best Queen Ever.

Like Queen of Hearts I’ve longed to say “Off with their heads”. No need to hold back now, just get in character and party to the max.

Hand painted Italian made Venetian Mask with elaborate eye lashes and hearts so that it is most appealing. A music paper decoupage is embedded in the forehead with hand applied relief work.

Modern Profile Queen of Hearts Mask

A modern shaped mask with a brief profile so that it is comfy and fits very well. It’s very flattering and will fit all faces well from petite to large although not ideally suited to very large faces.

This mask teams up nicely with any of the men’s Amore Venetian Masks so that an elegant, fun his & hers pair can be made. We also offer this mask in a Couples Matching Venetian Masks set.

This piece comes with Free Registered Post so that there is no need to pay more.

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