Ruby Zane Large Masquerade Mask


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Large Masquerade Mask for Men

Made in Venice Italy

Hand Decorated

Gold Leaf Trim

Music Paper Detail

Secured with Ribbon Ties

A stick can be added to this mask for those who wear glasses


Red Zane Large Masquerade Mask

Traditional Venetian Mask with Diamond pattern detail is the perfect large masquerade mask.

The Italian style of the Zane mask is slightly animated and mischievous which makes it a favorite with those who like to clown around.

This mask is a very generous fit. The Big Guys love this mask however, it is often worn by regular built men who prefer the cheeky expression of this mask.

Hand decorated with Gold Leaf, Music detail, Red, Black and Antique White. The mask has an antique finish.

Secured with black ribbon ties for a firm fit.

Made in Italy.



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