Budget Masquerade Masks – Under $25.00

Budget Masquerade Masks

Dressing to impress on a Budget is challenging but hopefully, reassured with the knowledge that we only sell good masks…. you should be just fine. Budget Masquerade Masks are accessible thru Mask Shop Australia and really you are quite spoilt for choice.

Economy Bulk Masks

If you are looking to purchase a quantity of Masks, Call 0412 658 696

Individual Budget Masks

Lace Masks Here in Australia Next Day Delivery

Everyone is in a hurry and our range of Ladies Lace Masks are ready and waiting for you to select the Express Post option and receive your mask the following week day* if you are in a Capital City.

50 Shades Mask

50 Shades Mask Anastasia

Sometimes we can overnight to areas outside the Capital zone but please call us on 0412 658 696 to confirm this.

Got You Covered in Gold, Silver or Black

Our Carmen Mask which we also carry as Anastasia is a great fit on  e v e r y b o d y

As you can see on our lovely customer, the mask is pretty, flattering and a good fit. This black lace mask is embossed with Silver Leaf to create a really good finish. Sometimes they are closer to black and other times more silver. If you have a preference just let us know.

Carmen Black Lace Mask

Carmen Budget Mask is great in Gold or Black also. It’s very popular and as our reviews indicate, customer’s are happy with their purchase.

Yes, That’s Freight Included for $22.95

Our $22.95 price tag includes non urgent post or if you are in a hurry there is Express Post or Toll for only $11.90 

Gold Lace Masquerade Mask

Gold Lace Masquerade Mask

If you can’t decide on a color consider your skin tone and the outfit that you will be wearing. You are welcome to ask our advice or send a picture to us of yourself or your outfit.

Buy a Set of 2 Masks & Save

We even have this great Masquerade Mask bundled up in a His & Her’s Couples Mask Set of 2. This option is fine, offering both of you a Black Masquerade Mask for only $29.95 for both masks and regular Post included.

Budget Couples Masks

Budget Couples Masks

The Man’s Zorro Bandit Mask is made from stretch fabric & is comfortable.

It’s a good option if you have a partner who is not quite in the spirit of Masquerade yet he might change his mind on the night.

Our male customers are often the most outgoing and delight in selecting a great mask to impress their friends. The gentlemen who visit us personally often arrive somewhat indifferent but leave with something amazing. You really should check with your man before ordering.

Life’s too short to be Conservative!

Amelia Black Lace Mask

Amelia Black Lace Mask

If you are looking for an elegant lace mask, Amelia also is a good choice, offering economy, comfort and style. This mask is dense lace and is best suited to ladies with dark hair or complexion.

White Masks

We don’t carry many white masks and this is because they do not suit every body. You may want to give us a call for some advice.

Even if you are on a budget, the difference between what you can afford and what you want is often only $25.00 which wont change your life.

Here Kitty

Masquerade Make Up

Masquerade Make Up

Black Cat Lace Mask is also lots of fun. This mask fits every one very well and is even quite good on teenagers. As you can see, every face makes the mask look different – but that’s a good thing.

Our Black Cat Mask is great for Masquerade, Fancy Dress, School Plays or Masquerade as it will take on a different look for each event.

Finally, let’s not forget the guys. We have our fabric Bandit / Zorro Mask for only $12.95 It fits everyone, is comfortable and pretty much disposable.

Bandit Zorro Mask

Bandit Zorro Mask

Budget Mask Bargains on Request

We usually have some slightly imperfect masks available at around 1/2 price. Quite often the imperfection is hard to find. These mask may be different from the photo or slightly damaged, perhaps a hair in the painted finish. It’s worth a call to 0412 658 696 to find out what’s available. 

Bulk Masks are available for only $9.95

Minimum buy of 50 assorted Masquerade Masks. Delivery is from Monday to Friday. Unfortunately weekend delivery is not yet available.

Wholesale Masquerade Masks

Mask Shop also offers Wholesale Masquerade Masks, Murano Jewelry and Wall Masks. In fact any thing that we import direct can be accessed at greatly reduced prices for anyone looking to stock their shop. 

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