Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks – What’s CoolHorny Goat Mask - Photo Chique Entertainment

Celebrating Halloween is not just about horror. It’s laughter, surprise & cool characters. Here’s some Halloween Mask Fancy Dress inspiration direct from the Mask Shop Toy Shop.

No Latex – No, No, No

If you are looking for latex, sorry that’s not our style. We offer amazing masquerade masks that are going to be as comfortable as a mask can be.

Wearing a mask can be claustrophobic and latex will make it steamy. Our quality masks are plastic that is covered with a finish like Paper Mache so that they are comfy.

Our masks are sourced from Venice and China and we avoid the routine grotesque offering which is a point of difference and quality.

Halloween Mask

Halloween Mask

Black Pirate’s Skull Mask with creepy skeletal hand holding the Key to Davey Jone’s locker will set the mood for some Halloween fun.

Super cool Horny Goat (see above) finished in Antique Copper or Silver Black is a spectacle. Friends will talk about this one for years. The proportions are impressive in this magnificently mask.

A unisex mask that would look cool with a suit, body suit or any thing else that can be dreamed up. It adds a great deal of height to the wearer. Oh Yeah, get noticed! Just throw on a leather coat or cape and your good to go.

Clever use of contact lenses can create some serious spook with our Italian made Exotic Mask.

Thank you to our happy customer for sharing this picture so that we can see how this mask can be a Halloween piece. Economical Chinese made Exotic with Swarovski Crystals is also available. The crystals are good quality on a great looking budget mask.

An all time favorite as the Italian styling ensures that it will look great. Naturally the Italian made version also comes with Crystals in clear or blue.

Ladies can have some fun with our Maleficent Mask with Gothic style with Spiders Web & dramatically shaped.

Black Cat on a Budget

Black Cat Fancy Dress MaskOn a Budget ? Here’s a Black Lace Cat Mask This one fits all budgets and faces. Ideal for Halloween or Masquerade it’s really great quality so that no one will know just how economical it is.

 Super Halloween Masks that also do well for Masquerade  Barbed Skull Mask

Why not save some money, one never knows when you might need to use a mask again. Not only the Lace kitty above but many of our masks can be used for both.

For instance the new Skull Masquerade Mask would also serve for Masquerade. Ideally the chin should be exposed for Masquerade so that the mask is comfortable. This one ticks all the boxes.

The full face is also available.. our cool Barbed Skull Mask which is ideal for a narrow to regular face, male or female.

The finish on this mask is amazing. Barbed Wire is entwined around the skull but it’s not actually sharp or dangerous.

Grisly teeth hang from a wired jaw. The mask looks like its cracked and weathered which is part of the genius of the design.

Black Angel Mask

Ladies can sauce it up with Black Angel Mask which looks like Dracula’s Bride.Black Angel Masquerade Mask

Dramatic and ideal to be worn as a Masquerade Mask at a later date, the addition of a black flowing dress and some Gothic accessories and your good to go!

Gladiator Mask - Photo Courtesy of Chique Entertainment

Gladiator Mask – Photo Courtesy of Chique Entertainment

A little Steampunk is always fun. Our range can be used to create the effect you want. Lot’s of Steampunk masks can double up as Masquerade.

Just arrived is the Gladiator Mask now with Goggles which is an improvement on an already awesome Halloween Steampunk Mask. There’s so much on offer, please check out the range.

For more Halloween Masks just visit the range – Enjoy & Happy Halloween.

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