Murano Glass History

Let’s Set the Scene

Murano Jewelry

With Australian eyes it is difficult to imagine Murano Glass History goes back thousands of years but let’s try.

The ancient city of Venice was wealthy, cultured and progressive.

Influenced and enriched by the entire known world as the main trade route between Europe to the Far East. Venice was the epicenter of fashion, arts and lifestyle.

In this climate and wealth the arts flourished with artisans making the most exquisite fabrics, bronzes, jewelry, chandeliers and mirrors.

Murano Glass History

Secret colors, ingredients and skills that ensure the income of the bead maker were more precious than treasured recipes.

Craftsmen require a lifetime to learn their trade. Family members glean secrets from their fathers and then pass on to their children.

Indeed Venice dominated its rivals with technique and color but the city had its down side. The plague visited Venice repeatedly and it was impossible to control with such a transient population.

Frequent fires, often originating in the studio of a Glass maker were common. The absence of roads and presence of canals & narrow alleys complicated fire management.

In 1291 the glass making furnaces in Venice were moved to the island of Murano. The official reason was to protect the ancient city from fire however it also protected the glass makers secret methods.

Venice dominated the glass world unchallenged from 1400 to 1700 and today is still most respected and admired.

How to tell if it is real Murano Glass

Lots of false Murano Glass litters the world so that it is difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference.

Real Murano has an oily feel to the glass. It is strong and resilient. Also genuine Murano glass sounds different when tapped. The noise is not tinkly but a more robust sound.

Consider who is selling the Murano Glass. Is it likely that a person selling from a fold up stall in a Sydney market has the real thing? Are their any stickers stating the origin.

Stretching for Murano Truth

It is possible to purchase Murano Glass canes and then create the jewelry outside of Italy.

Yes, the glass is genuine however it is not true Murano because it is not Italian made. Italian workmanship has value beyond that of perhaps a Moroccan made piece.

Murano Glass Jewelry

The vast imagination of the Venetian artisan leads the industry, leaving its competitors floundering in their wake.

Jewelry fashion trends have climaxed and subsided by the time the Venetian product is copied.

In any case the cost of the genuine article is not unreasonable. Any one in the civilized world could afford many pieces of genuine Murano Glass Jewelry without guilt.

Making Murano Glass Beads

Glass is first made into canes in the various Murano Colors by Murano manufacturers. Artisans who specialize in beads, lights or sculpture buy the canes of glass.

The Bead Maker melts the glass on a table top flame. Gently spilling the molten glass onto a turning piece of copper wire, making a seed of glass.

The glass seed is rolled in Gold or Silver Leaf so that a metallic sheen is acquired. Various colored glass covers the bead to enhance the metallic finish.

Before the glass cools a clamp is used to achieve a shape, round, heart oval. Using pliers, the glass maker snips off the beads copper wire center.

Immersed over night in an acid vat so that the copper dissolves and leaves a hole where the copper had been.

Many large family owned businesses flourish in Murano however the boutique businesses are the best for price and creativity. A pleasant day searching for your special piece of Murano is well worth the effort.

Heavy doors on the homes on the island of Murano disguise the labor intensive glass making that goes on within.

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