How to Dress for Masquerade Ball

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What to wear to a Masquerade Party? Australians don’t fit the mold. We are less formal and don’t follow European traditions to the letter.

Many of us are overwhelmed by the concept of Masquerade and wonder how to dress for a Masquerade Party or Ball. Advice from an overseas source may not be reliable.

The type of event and venue is the key. Masquerade events range from the backyard BBQ to a luxury event accessible to only the most elite.

As Australia’s first Masquerade Mask Shop‘s founder, I believe I am uniquely qualified to give expert advice.

With this is mind my fellow Aussies, here’s the heads up for those down under.

How to dress for a Masquerade Party

The Formal Masquerade Event

Some Masquerade events are formal. If called a Masquerade “Ball” or a “Charity” then it is wise to assume that the event is formal. These events are very formal, there is no such thing as over dressing.

Ladies, full length elegant dress is preferable, although it’s not necessary to dress like Marie Antoinette. That’s only suitable for a Masquerade in Venice Italy or perhaps if the event requires Masquerade Masks with a Venetian or period theme.

If you are wearing a color and want to match the mask to the dress, Mask Shop Australia offers a custom color service for only $15.90. We ask that you call us and let us know what you are wearing, then let us work our magic. We add glitter to match the out fit or theme or the event. This service is loved by women who want to have something different to stand apart from the crowd.

Gentlemen in suits, tuxedo, formal as you like it. If you are already partnered, it’s worth coming in matching His & Her’s Couples Masks to add the impact and show off your partnership. You may want to consider wearing colors that match.

If it’s a “Party” but in a large venue, perhaps a fund raiser then you be well advised to go formal so that you can avoid embarrassment.

Casual Masquerade – the Backyard Party

For a back yard Masquerade Party you should wear neat casual.

If you enjoy dressing up then go for it but not long evening gowns, not a suit but perhaps neat casual, a leather jacket for the guys, nice dress for the ladies. You may want to layer your clothes in case it gets cold or hot. Comfortable shoes that don’t slip into lawn would be best.

Can I wear jeans to the Masquerade Party?

Sure, if the event is in a back yard, perhaps on lawn jeans should be fine for an Aussie party. Quite often Birthday Parties can be less formal however dressing up is fine also. It would be wise to consider who is hosting the party. What are they likely to wear and follow their lead.

Masks for those who wear glasses

Add a stick so that the mask can be worn with glasses. You can purchase a stick to add to the mask and we do the rest. Perfectly matched and well secured for only $15.90

We have a range of Masks that look great with a stick.

The difference between Masquerade & Fancy Dress

How to dress for a Masquerade Party
Masquerade may not necessarily be Fancy Dress

The most common misconception is that some assume that Masquerade is Fancy Dress. There is a difference between “Fancy dress” and “Masquerade” which is critical to consider.

Fancy Dress may include a mask to achieve the character you are creating or at least a costume or alternate character. However the mask would be optional, used only as a prop to achieve the character.

A caution with Fancy Dress. Please consider who is holding the event. For instance if it is a Fancy Dress event for the local Christian School, don’t dress up as the Devil. You best not even go as a Horny Goat.

For a Masquerade Ball or Party, it would be compulsory to Buy Masquerade Masks. However, one would not require a costume. Unless specifically stated on the invite so that it would be inappropriate to be in Fancy Dress

Why Masquerade

The essence of masquerade is that you may not immediately recognize someone you know. There’s delight in finding people you know in Masquerade.

It is a natural “ice breaker” so that guests are more likely to socialize and most people feel uninhibited when in Masquerade. Sounds like the makings of a great party. The event becomes more colorful and a precious memory. For instance, I went to a Masquerade Wedding two decades ago but I still recall so much of it. The venue, posing on the staircase for photos, the excitement and it seemed grander than any other.

Also, the mask draws attention to the eyes and lips. Very seductive. This gives singles and loved up couples, lots of opportunity for romance and a night to remember.

Those who know about Masquerade Mask History delight with the romantic promise of a night in Masquerade. The world’s greatest lover Casanova enjoyed Masquerade and the city of Venice the home of Masquerade Masks is full of romance. This glory ignites the imagination of any who are aware of it.

Here’s more info on how to choose a Mask to ensure perfect fit and Masquerade Masks for Petite Ladies.

I hope this has helped you choose how to dress for a Masquerade Party. If you need any assistance, as always please call me on 0412 658 696 – Antoinette

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