How to Choose Masquerade Masks

How to Choose Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Considerations

How to Choose a Masquerade Mask

How to Choose Masquerade Masks

Feeling out of your depth and want to know how to choose masquerade masks well to ensure great results. You’ll need to consider your coloring, the out fit, the type event and if you need to wear glasses.

What final effect are you striving to achieve? Here’s all you need to know.


Generally, if you are fair you will find Silver will be most flattering. Often we call these colors cool, so for instance blue eyes, Anglo skin is well suited to softer colors and Silver. Black will be a very strong contrast on fair complexions.

Warm skin tones, tanned, olive or dark skin looks fantastic with Gold, as does dark hair.

The Outfit

We have a huge range, giving you the opportunity to team up a perfect partnership with the clothes you have chosen.

Ladies, if you don’t find what you want, we can customize masks by adding color, feathers or a stick for only $15.00

You’ll find our large menu displays the masks in color selection to save time. You can also call me on 0412 658 696 and text me a photo of your outfit so that we can recommend the perfect solution. This is well worth doing.

The Masquerade Event

Consider carefully the function, a School fundraiser will have different masks to a Fancy Dress, Halloween or Birthday.

If the event is a formal one, you should steer away from Masquerade Masks that steal the show unless they do it with quality and glamour. You will be looking for elegant rather than ego.

Perfect Fit

All of our masks are secured with ribbon ties, so that you can secure them tightly to the face.

This is important, it prevents the weight of the mask from solely sitting on the nose. Increased surface area, with cheeks taking the weight makes the mask comfortable.

Yes our masks are very light, but after a while this will become critical to your comfort. At Mask Shop Australia we offer masks for all shapes and sizes and have a special range of petite fitting ladies masquerade ball masks

Our lightest masks are the metal filigree. We have men’s metal masks and women filigree lace masks.


We have a great selection of Men’s MasksRegular shaped Masks fit most men well. Very large men should select a “Zane” mask which is a larger profile.  

Italian “Zane” Large Masquerade Masks are traditional Masks with an animated look. Zane is best suited to larger faces but we find that any one who wants this style will wear it well. A thinner face will not fill out the cheeks, but its still lots of fun.

Slim fitting Phantom Masks can only be worn by men with thin to regular faces.


If you click on the thumbnail you will find that we advise the sizing of each mask in the item description.

It’s worth selecting a Ladies Mask with large eye sockets. This will give you a versatile fitting mask as your eyes nicely fit within the mask eye sockets and it is not going to interfere with long or false eye lashes.

Do you wear Glasses?

No doubt, the best solution is to add a stick to the Mask of your choice. This will give you the most flattering result.

In some cases, ladies can wear lace masks either under or over their glasses. Personally, its a solution for the budget conscious but not particularly attractive.

Looking to Buy Masquerade Masks but need some help? Please Call Me, Antoinette the Mask Guru on 0412 658 696

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