Navy Blue Masquerade Masks

Looking for the perfect mask to suit a Navy Blue outfit. Fashionable filigree masks are usually black which seems a compromise.

Mask Shop Australia offers the perfect solution. Our Italian artisans make filigree masks with dark blue Swarovski Crystals so that blue becomes the most exciting on offer. These amazing Swarovski crystals glitter in blue, violet and rust and tone in well with Navy.

So there’s no need to compromise and no doubt the extra effort in sourcing the perfect masquerade mask will be appreciated by all who see your mask.

Dramatic Ladies Blue Phantom


Phantom Navy Blue Masquerade Mask with Swarovski Crystals offer a modern filigree mask with tones of darkest blue.

The finest Swarovski Crystals available embellish a genuine Italian made ladies Phantom mask. Stunning to behold and beautiful enough to be used as a decorator piece afterwards. It looks elegant a dressing table as a memento of a perfect evening in masquerade.

Perfect Symmetry with Comfort

Enchant Mask Blue Crystals
Enchant Mask Blue Crystals

Enchant offers understated elegance in a super light and comfortable Italian made masquerade mask with glittering blue crystals.

This ones for the ladies that love symmetry. Alternatively, a one sided dress looks better with a symmetrical mask so that the one sided feature is enhanced.

Navy Blue Masquerade Masks for Women

Exotic with Blue Swarovski Crystals is my personal favorite.

I love the one sided feature that trails down the cheek and draws attention to the lips.

A great fit on most faces, this piece is going to meet the highest expectations.

It ticks all the boxes with comfort, glamour and the perfect blue mask.

This women’s blue masquerade mask is so beautiful our customers admire it moving the mask from side to side to see the fabulous flashing crystals.

Something for the Gentlemen in Blue

Delicate artwork decorates hand painted Navy Blue Mask for Men. The hand piped raised relief work is coated with Gold leaf that has been treated with an antique finish so that it looks vintage.

A decoupage of the Rialto Bridge, a popular land mark of Venice is the main feature and declares it’s authenticity.

Just perfect with that blue suit, this piece is a winner for any man looking for a blue sophisticated masquerade mask.

Mask Shop Australia also offers a traditional Venetian Mask with Blue on one side and ivory on the other.

This piece features the Bridge of Sighs which connects the Doge’s Palace to the prison. This wonderful Venetian land mark is the last sight of Venice that a prisoner sees before incarceration.

The exquisite sight of the Grand Canal, so beautiful so that the prisoner sighs with the gravity of the loss.

We haven’t forgotten the Couples Blue Masquerade Masks.

A power blue duo, bundled together so that they can be selected quickly for any one looking for blue.

Both Navy Masquerade Masks are made in Italy so that great fit and design is assured.

This ensures comfort which no doubt will be appreciated on the night.

Italian masks exclusively have ribbons to secure the masks to the face so that the fit is perfect.

Mask Shop Australia also offers custom work done with glitter so that blue can be added to most black filigree masks in the desired color.

Add a stick

Our custom work includes the addition of a stick so that people with glasses can still enjoy the wonderful masks in our range. Simply purchase your mask and a stick and we do the rest.

We can even add a stick to a filigree mask which is a tricky job but we do it well.

Any questions, just ring Antoinette on 0412 658 696 or text. We can help you better if you text a pic of your outfit.

Always here to help and exceed your expectations.

Perfect with Navy – Picture Courtesy of Kylie Denaro Makeup Artist
Add a stick to filigree mask

More Ladies Blue Masquerade Masks

Oh Yes, there’s more! We have a whole range of Blue Masquerade Masks so that there is something for everyone.

If you still don’t see what you fancy, give me a call on 0412 658 696 so that we can discuss personalized options.

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