Extreme Masquerade

Extreme Masquerade – to Blend or be Bold

Black Filigree Mask

The shy want to Blend & the Bold want to Dazzle. Masquerade should never be boring. It’s purpose is to delight and create magic. When our customers call in person, their intentions usually are quite boring. The guys ask for a black mask and the ladies sometimes look for economy. Their Masquerade dreams are restricted by their expectations.

Black Couples Masks

Black Couples Masks

When the whole range is available to view and try on the priorities change. A mask should most importantly look good when teamed up with the wearer.

It should be a good fit, proportionally and in contour. The effect should be impressive.

We have lots of Wow factor Couples Masks.


Think about the effect that you want to create

           Resist the temptation to be boring…

                Least you will be forgotten by all who attend.

Roman Mask Fancy Dress Masquerade

Roman Mask Fancy Dress Masquerade

Ladies can indulge in dramatic metal filigree, daring make up, dramatic hair.
                   Gentlemen… this could be the best night of your life, get daring. 

Steampunk Phantom Mask Copper

Steampunk Phantom Mask Copper

Triton Mens Silver Mask

Triton Men’s Silver Mask

The options for guys to steam up the room are fantastic… add some Steampunk, a dramatic Phantom, a wicked Horny Goat. Consider the event and then take another look at the range. It’s your opportunity to shine.

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