Inspired Black Masquerade

Black Masquerade – Not so predictable

Black is a color of choice for many men and women as it cuts a dramatic silhouette and is slimming.

The Global Financial Crisis made color seem ostentatious in a challenging financial climate. Requests for color almost stopped as we became conservative and cautious.

We have grown a lot since 2008, however some of us are still behaving like those who survived the great depression. Perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves if this default mechanism in our behavior is stifling our expression of our true selves.

Time for Inspired Thinking

At Mask Shop we have lots of black masks. However, now we find our visitors embrace the idea of black with a splash of color with great enthusiasm.

Black Masquerade

Wings of an Angel Black Fuchsia

One of our ladies recently had an amazing tiered black organza ball gown. Naturally she requested a black mask to match.

With the entire range at our disposal we found that the Wings of an Angel in Black Fuchsia flattered her skin tone and brought up the dress to a whole new level. The Fuchsia accents did not match her jewelry so we added fuchsia with her lipstick and nail polish.

Boom! What an effect.

We demonstrated “Inspired Black Masquerade” by resisting the obvious choices. With creativity, we were able to offer our customer a more flattering color on her complexion with great results.

Another Customer had a black dress…. lovely.  Yet again we found that the black mask was lifted with exquisite Blue Swarovski Crystals that dignified her choice of masks.

Black Masquerade

Ladies Phantom, Italian Made Blue Swarovski

No doubt the addition of crystals is usually done with clear crystals… but not many people have access to the wonderful colored Swarovski choices that Mask Shop offers.

Embellishing the one who wears the mask is key

It’s pointless wearing a lovely mask that does not enhance your features or skin tone. No doubt an easy trap to fall into.

If you are like me and find that black is not as flattering as black with some colored relief, its worth considering a mask with colored crystals. Alternatively, you could have a black mask customized to suit your needs.

Custom MaskFor only $20.00 we add color to any of our filigree masks. This is a great tool to perfectly co-ordinate your mask with your outfit.

Gentlemen You are not Forgotten

Many of our men request a black mask. Our version of black is a metallic gunmetal black. This color is flattering on more complexions yet looks perfect with a black suit.

Men's Masquerade Masks

A Mask Like Mr Greys

At Mask Shop our “Mask like Mr Grey’s” is a favorite. It is similar to the mask in 50 Shades although not identical. Dare I say, if billionaire play boy Christian Grey had access to our mask he would have chosen it over plain black.

Solution for Fairer Skinned Men

If you have fair skin, even the softer tones of our metallic Mr Grey Mask may not be ideal. Quite often we find the contrast too much with an Anglo skin tone.

Our solution is the Music Theme Mask, as it has black but it is lifted with antique silver leaf. As this mask has Silver, it does not create a shock of black across the face.

Music Theme Silver Mens Mask

Music Theme Silver Mens Mask



Music Theme Zane Silver Men's Masquerade Mask for Large Man

Music Zane Men’s Mask for Large Man

If you are a big guy, the generous proportions of Music Theme Zane will give you great fit in flattering black accented mask.







I hope this has been helpful. As always, I am available to answer any questions on 0412 658 696 Enjoy!

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