Masquerade Cakes

Masquerade Cakes – Theme your Event.

Creating a Masquerade Cake can be either intimidating or exciting. Please call us to discover what is available in your theme color and style.

Considerations: – Your Party Color Theme, How Many Guests/How Many Pieces Required, Your Style & Style of Invitations etc.

Here’s some inspiration courtesy of Pin Interest.

Masquerade Cake - Cup Cake Tower

Masquerade Cup Cake Tower

Masquerade Cake - Classic Fantasy

Cake – Masquerade Fantasy

Masquerade Table Setting

Masquerade Cake - Black Gold

Masquerade Cake – Black Gold

Masquerade Cake - Black & White

Black & White

If you let us know your requirements we can assist in ways that will surprise and delight you.

We often have flat lace masks that can be wrapped around the base of a cake or scattered over the tables.

We have little brooches that are masquerade faces that can be used on the cake and are well proportioned to being placed at the base of the cake. These are available in Gold Plated Filigree or Black Filigree with accent colors giving lots of options to match your colors. There are cute little Italian Ceramic Mask Brooches which are economical.

Finally, don’t forget to arrange a knockout table setting. Here is one of the best I have ever seen which will inspire.

Masquerade Table Setting Perfection

Masquerade Table Setting Perfection

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