Masquerade Charity Donation Offer – Mask Shop

Masquerade Charity
Mask Shop – Masquerade Charity Donation or Discount
Charities Fundraisers can Receive a Donation from Mask Shop
Mask Shop will donate 20% of the value of any orders generated by your Masquerade Charity Event.
To achieve this benefit for your Charity Fundraiser please call us. Promote our website to your guests for at least 4 weeks and ask them to name your Charity at the time of ordering. This is how we track the orders that you have generated.
Naturally, we will require a receipt from the Charity for the amount donated. To organize this please phone 0412 658 696.
We will also promote your function on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Work Shows, Masquerade Events & Discount for your Guests
You can have the most elegant Venetian Mask event possible and organize a 15% discount for your guests if you tell your guests about Ideally,  “Like” us on Facebook.
This offer applies to any event, Masquerade Wedding, Masquerade 21st Birthday, Masquerade Hen’s Party. You invent the party and we can arrange this discount.
To organize, please phone 0412 658 696 – minimum of 4 masks apply.