Ultimate Masquerade Party Ideas

In a Perfect World a Masquerade Party would be…..

Magical moments, fantasy, intrigue, mystery and delight, fleeting impressions and emotions.

Color the Night to suit your Theme

Select a color that is in sync with your theme and stick to it. This will enrich the experience and make a home prepared party look professional. Inject this color anyway possible with table runners, centerpieces, chair covers, serviettes, candles, balloons and invites.

Your theme may be color and image related for instance currently palm leaves, tropics and flamingos are in vogue.

Masquerade = Magic, Fantasy, Seduction

Exotic themes to consider include Vintage Circus, Steampunk, Moulin Rouge, Venetian Carnival, Burlesque or French Aristocracy.

Mermaid & Mariner, Beauty & Beast, Hero & Villain, Garden of Eden, Great Gatsby, Hollywood. Oh, there’s so much fun to be had with a little extra thought.

Mermaids can wear masks with dresses in watery colors and colored hair or wigs. Gentlemen can dress as sailors, pirates or King Neptune. The theme colors should be watery blues with silver, decorate the hall with shells and fish net.

Beauty and the Beast, well Beauty in Masquerade is easy to achieve and the men can go as Horny Goat or Savage Werewolf.

Ultimate Party Ideas

Ultimate Masquerade – Ashleigh on Silks

Fantasy Masquerade Goes Beyond

These themes offer extra opportunities for you to entertain your guests with some exciting treats. Hire entertainers that can delight your guests and make your show the talk of the town.

Vintage Circus gives your the opportunity to employ performers like a snake handler, jugglers or flame throwers.

Moulin Rouge could have some Can Can Girls or Saucy ladies, rich colors, French cuisine, flamboyant music.

Why not include an acrobat on silks or a pole dancer.

Here is Ashleigh from Pole 4 Fitness in Adelaide on the silks entertaining an audience at a Masquerade event. The guests and Ashleigh are in Masquerade.

The dress code could be formal, perhaps hire some chandeliers or candelabras, Italian food and have the waiting staff wear masks.

We have a range of budget masks that we can offer to deck out the staff at minimal cost.

Burlesque can encourage some saucy costumes, corsets and fishnet stockings with some very imaginative entertainers.

Ultimate Masquerade Entertainers

Ultimate Masquerade Entertainers

My friend’s French Aristocracy Masquerade event had starving paupers, opera singers and other extravagances enjoyed before the reign of terror.

A surprise party could have a flash mob erupt into song and escort the main guest to the party venue.

A body painter can be employed, either to paint some models that thread thru the crowd or to decorate the guests by carrying on the theme of their mask onto their bodies.

Record the Magic

An empty gilded photo frame makes a great tool to photograph the guests with performers so that they can tell all their friends how amazing your function was.

Thank you Australia

These are the ideas that my beautiful customers have shared over the years, inspiring ways to trick up the party.

Take your Masquerade event it to the next level and surprise your guests with a party that will be remembered for years and if you need something special just ask me.


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