Mens Masquerade Mask Fashion

Men’s Masquerade Mask Fashion

Men’s Masquerade Masks have enjoyed some innovative and modern trends in recent years.

Venetian Masks naturally, come from Venice Italy – well, at least our’s do, it’s wise to enquire where a mask is made before you accept it as Venetian.

Venetian Masks have elegant Italian styling as Venice is the Mask capital of the world and home of the Carnival of Venice. Their masks may be animated or have the Comedia dell Arte traditional diamond pattern.

Venetian Masks almost always have hand applied scroll work with Gold or Silver Leaf embellishment. The quality of a genuine Venetian Mask is exceptional. Decoration often includes Venetian or Music paper fragments and the Lion of Venice which is the symbol of the city.

Metal Mens Masquerade Mask

Metal Mens Masquerade Mask

Venetian Mask Trends lead the World

There’s nothing more trendy than a fashionable Italian. Venice’s modern Masks are made from metal filigree which is a  favorite with the ladies.

The men’s answer to this is the Smoking Hot Men’s Metal Masquerade Mask pictured above on a saucy Italian. It fits all faces well and is very flattering.

Smoking Hot Filigree Pair of Masks

Smoking Hot Filigree Pair of Masks

This masculine black powder coated mask looks great on everyone, contours the face perfectly, is light and comfortable.

We offer this handsome mask in a Set of 2 for Couples looking for matching masks. Please see our Couples Mask section.

Better than Classic Black Masks

Black Mens Mask 50 Shades

Black Mens Masquerade Mask 50 Shades

Our Gunmetal Black masks are our most popular men’s masks as the finish is not over done and looks great with a suit. Make no mistake, its better than black, with a slight metallic sheen.Mens Masquerade Masks

We offer the fabulous finish in Phantom, Zane and our regular profile which was made more popular by the 50 Shades movie.

There is a Gunmetal Black Couples Masks Set so that you can match your partner perfectly as well as a 50 Shades Pair of Masks like the ones pictured above.

 If you are fair however, you would be wise to select a mask finished in Gold or Silver Leaf so that the dark mask does not dominate you.

Fancy Dress with Class

Venetian Zane Joker - Italian Made

Venetian Zane Joker – Italian Made

It’s always a pleasure to speak to a gregarious man who is happy to be the center of the party. These guys are often the Alpha male, very confident in carrying off the most amazing masks available, leaving other guests in awe.

Our handsome gentleman pictured here wears a Venetian Joker , complete with hand applied scroll work and the lion of Venice on the forehead. Velvet horns with Bells chime with each movement of this luxurious mask.

Modern Steampunk Masquerade Masks

Steampunk Copper Mask with Goggle

Steampunk Copper Mask with Goggle

Steampunk masks are lots of fun with Gadgets and Gizmos adorning light weight comfortable masks.

Sourced from China, Steampunk Masks and are not copies of Venetian Masks as they service a modern Steampunk trend.

Steam is a retro Victorian industrial style revolution with metal, leather and Gadgetry. It’s inventive with lots of attitude and a guaranteed talking point.

We have Steampunk Phantom Masks, Gladiators and Masquerade Masks with Goggles. They are fresh and masculine, ideal for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary.

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