Are Metal Filigree Masks Comfortable?

Metal Filigree Masks

Metal Filigree Masks

Metal Filigree Masks – a Modern Comfortable Glamorous Choice

The best option for anyone looking for comfort is the modern metal filigree Masquerade mask. This is generally the opposite to what my customers anticipate.

These masks are super light, so you will hardly know you are wearing it. They are slightly flexible and can be contoured to follow your facial shape although generally this won’t be necessary.

They are secured with ribbon ties or a stick can be added for those who wear glasses. Ideally, the stick is secured to the mask so that it does not show where it is glued to the mask. We also reinforce the area so that the stick is very secure.

Avoid a stick if you can as its easier to wear these masks than to hold on to the stick.

Fashion & Comfort

Exotique Italian Made Mask with Crystals

Exotique Italian Made Mask with Crystals 

Metal Lace masks are flattering and seductive as the black powder coated finish is perfect on most complexions.

Swarovski Crystals, Glass Crystals or Feathers, further accentuate the beauty of the masquerade mask for any one looking for extra glamour.

Generally comfort is sacrificed in the pursuit of glamour, but this is not necessary with filigree lace masks. They offer the most fashionable, modern option and they are very flattering. 

There is a huge range of smaller fitting masquerade ball masks for petite women.

Custom Mask

If you feel that the color is not suitable to match your dress we can customize the mask by added the required color. This is inexpensive, just $15.90 and I have never had a dis-satisfied customer.

I can recommend these masks as the perfect option and as always will be delighted to give you personalised service if you should call me 0412 658 696

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