New Phantom Masks

Modern Phantom Masks

Steampunk Phantom Mask Copper

Steampunk Phantom Mask Copper

Steampunk Phantom Futuristic

Steampunk Phantom Futuristic

The Phantom Mask has had a face lift with Steampunk influences and dramatic finishes.

Stunning metallic masks in antique Silver, Gold or Copper are trimmed with studs, cogs and goggles.

There’s new styling so that our generation can have lots of fun with an ancient character.

Modern Steampunk Masks are made in China to a good standard and very light.

If you are looking for something unusual – this could be the answer.

Steampunk Sweet heart

Steampunk Sweetheart in Steampunk Phantom

Team up your Steampunk Phantoms with a suit…. ideally something a bit retro, maybe brown striped.

Leather always is good with Steam. Ladies get our your corsets and some sassy attitude.

Steampunk Phantoms are unisex, so everyone can have fun with it or your could explore a matching His and Hers set.

Phantom Mask Origins

White Phantom of the Opera

Antoinette’s Modern Phantom Mask

Our new Phantom Masks are barely recognizable as having evolved from the Phantom of the Opera Mask.

Their origins however, go back to when our very own Mask Shop’s founder encouraged her Italian artisans to create a Phantom of the Opera Mask.

The story of the Phantom is from Paris and at that time there had never been an Italian made Phantom of the Opera Mask.

She sketched the shape onto a full face mask and it was cut to size, trimmed and groomed to become a fashionable Masquerade Masks. Two masks were created, a full mask and a brief mask.

Brief Phantom Mask Crackle

Antoinette’s Brief Italian Phantom

Before the Italian Phantoms, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera musical popularized the Phantom.

Lloyd Weber’s fertile imagination was fed by Gaston Leeroux’s published serial from 1910.

Sit back and enjoy the evolution of the Phantom

Something French from the Paris Opera House became influenced by an Australian in Venice and then modernized with a Steam twist. Wonderful!!!

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