Valentine Gift Delights

Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is the one occasion where it is OK to indulge yourself and your partner with a Valentine Gift that promises your undivided attention and eternal Love.

Valentines Day should be a time of guilt free indulgence.

You may be going to a Valentine Ball or perhaps just enjoying a quiet night of luxury at home.

We have a range of Masquerade Masks for Couples, including the 50 Shades Darker Masquerade Masks that are very similar to those used in the movie.

50 Shades Darker Set of Masks

Valentine Gift Ideas

50 Shades Masks

Valentine Gift 50 Shades Masks










You may like to Gift a Pair of Masks with the promise of a Special Masquerade Birthday Party where the masks can be worn.

Adele Filigree Masquerade Mask

Valentine Gift Something Sexy Mask

Perhaps the Masks can accompany a special Gift Boxed piece of Lingerie. How exciting to open a Valentine Gift with something luxurious, sexy and Masquerade.

You can select a theme that suits you both. It may be a place of Special Memories or perhaps somewhere that you both dream of visiting.

Here are some Ideas… a Night in Venice,

Masquerade Mask Angel

Masquerade Mask Angel

This can be achieved with our Wings of an Angel Mask teamed up with a Silver Phantom Mask

The style is elegant, luxurious and the stuff of dreams.






Romance on a Budget

If you are on a Budget you can go with Zorro and Carmen which is most economical bought as a Pair. Our Pair Budget Couples Masks offer an inexpensive, fun alternative at only $29.95 for both masks.

Budget Couples Masks

Budget Couples Masks








Las Vegas – Over the Top Sexy

Las Vegas Mask

Las Vegas Style Mask – Leticia Feathered

Every girl wants to dress up, from as early as we can remember we have enjoyed role play and fancy dress.

Leticia has amazing Red Ostrich Feathers and Rooster Tail Feathers. It’s flamboyant, shameless and saucy! Hand Painted and made in Venice Italy – something very special to enjoy.

Endless Ideas

Your imagination can run wild.

Phantom of the Opera – why not do Phantom & Christina?

Steampunk – always lots of fun. See our range of Couples Masks and see where it takes you.

Murano Glass Valentine Hearts

Gift Boxed real Murano Glass, Hand Made in Venice Italy with a Certificate of Authenticity. Large Murano Glass Hearts currently on Special for $25.90 or our Heirloom Murano Bracelet which is on Special for $99.00, lots of colors available.

Besotted Heart Necklaces

Besotted Heart Necklaces

Cobalt Blue Celestial Charm Bracelet

Cobalt Blue Celestial Charm Bracelet



Murano Necklace Heart Caviar NL & BL Set Aqua

Murano Necklace Heart Caviar NL & BL Set Aqua