Venetian Masks from Venice

Real Venetian Masks are from Venice

The term “Venetian” indicates that a mask should come from Venice Italy which is famous for the most beautiful masks in the world.

There is no doubt that Venice truly is the center of Mask culture and fashion.  

Our exquisite range of real Venetian Masks Italian made, offer a great deal of choice as we have sourced masks from all the best artisans in Venice.

Please check the origin of any mask that is being considered. Genuine Italian made pieces are not main stream….. the copies are.

Venetian Masks

Be sure to check where a mask is made before accepting that it is genuine Venetian.

There are many pretend Venetian masks that are made in China.

We are careful to note where a mask is made in the description of the piece.

At Masquerade Mask Shop we do carry some Chinese masks, however we note the origin clearly so that you know what you are getting.  

If you fancy a mask but prefer to have it made for you in a different color – its easily done. We can assist with Silver instead of gold or even access a traditional Venetian masks like the Doctore or Pulchinello.

If you have time available, we have the artistry of Venice on call create what you are looking for.

Blank masks, undecorated are available or particular color combinations to precisely meet your chosen color theme.

Just give us a call to find out what we can achieve together on 0412 658 696

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